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taste. This fragrance that

  • August 30, 2019

    Under the moonlight, I walked on the street dotted with lights. Suddenly a scent of fragrance drifted into my nose. An unknown sadness and shame spread from my heart to my body. I suddenly turned and looked at one. Unfamiliar and familiar figures gradually disappeared into the crowd from my sight. The nose carefully captures the faint scent that remains in the air. Yes, it is still this taste. This fragrance that I can never forget for life Cigarettes For Sale, and the one who has cared for us and carefully taught... I think of this one. The stock tears suddenly fell silently in this cold wind. I remembered in my mind that I saw her embarrassing situation for the first time. It was a hot summer day, she was wearing a white gauze dress, black and bright hair scattered casually and not messy on the shoulders, hanging on the forehead like a spar Fine sweat beads. She stood on the podium and introduced herself in a tone of voice, and her cheeks were the unique flush of summer. At that time Newport Cigarettes, I was a mischievous bad boy. When she said that her surname was Kim, I would like to scream that she is a golden radish dish and face this unreasonable name Newport Cigarettes Coupons. She just smiled. I called, I looked at her face that was not angry. For the first time, I felt a sense of fear and shame. Finally, under the watchful eyes of the whole class, I stood up slowly and lowered my head. At first I thought she was hiding a knife or calling her parents to slap me a meal. What was unexpected was that she looked at me with a deep smile and said: "Well... you have a good imagination... maybe in the future It��s a writer. When I want to cheer on Nuton, my hands are unconsciously supported on the table. After the flushed face is more shy pink, after she left school, she called me to the office. I opened my bag with uneasiness. The door of the office, a cold wind mixed with an unknown faint fragrance, suddenly I felt relaxed. She heard the opening of the door and gently raised her head. Seeing that I came, I put down the red pen in my hand and took it. I got a thick paperwork that I had already prepared at the table and handed it to me with a smile. I took the paper and looked at her with a confused look. I saw her face still a beautiful smile, and she was soft. Explain to me: "This book is very good. If you go and see it, you can improve your writing level. While she is opening, an inexplicable fragrance seems to be spit out from her mouth, pervading me. I A glimpse, the voice whispered a little tremblingly, she patted me on the shoulder gently, and smiled and encouraged me: "Don't let me down, the writer of the future will be filled with faintness at that moment." The fragrance is as if I have soaked my young mind, I have irrigated the deepest encouragement and love for the seeds of my dream. I have lowered my head deeply, my face is full of shame, I secretly promised: Never The one that made you lose to pass her that night, I suddenly felt a familiar but unfamiliar shame, maybe I have lost her expectations.
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