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    Pochettino: "Yo no podra entrenar al Barcelona"

    "Kane se emocion al ver el ltimo partido de Totti en la Roma. Quiz pueda tener la misma carrera profesional que l", afirm el tcnicoEl argentino Mauricio Pochettino, entrenador del Tottenham, asegur este lun...  more
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    They like to latch on to larger, bigger fish for protection and for the free snacks when sharks kill, remoras savage the leftovers. Sound like the worst roommate ever? Not quite. The homes and soft materials that Philip states although your east where in ...  more
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    As a result, when the cushioning is greater, the strike must use more force. If you walk barefoot after predominantly wearing shoes, you might start out striking the heels too harshly, causing preliminary pain. Call them cleats, studs, or just fancy shoes...  more
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    Go ahead and mix about 4 parts of wax and 1 Valentino Sale part of vegetable oil (i have used olive oil, but you may as well try lean oil or, what's probably better mink oil or neatsfoot oil). Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian shoe designer who started an...  more
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    Fashion and Art
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    Eusebio, cuestionado y con varias bajas, visita esta tarde Mestalla

    Marcelino frena a Kondogbia y apostar por Coquelin. Eusebio sin Rulli, Carlos Martnez, Ral Navas, Agirretxe, Willian Jos y Xabi Prieto.
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    Looking closer at this collaboration, they feature a mixture of White and Grey throughout. Constructed with Primeknit across the uppers Adidas Ultra Boost White while leather lands on the Three Stripes cage.
    EnergyRICH Miracle: Start with what you really...  more
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    En Inglaterra temen que las decisiones de Conte empujen a Hazard al Real Madrid

    El internacional belga se quej por haber jugado de falso nueve contra el City: "Podramos haber jugado tres horas y no habra tocado un baln".
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