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  • March 11, 2017 4:37 PM PST

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    April 30, 2018 7:36 PM PDT

    Champs Sports has the exclusive on this adidas NMD in a simple yet all the more wearable Black/White colorway that’s available now. While this isn’t an OG colorway in any way, the combination Adidas NMD Human Race of black stretch web and white Boost cushioning makes for a refined look perfect for any occasion. adidas even adds reflective 3M branding to Adidas NMD R1 the adidas NMD R1 side panel stripes. This looks rather similar to the adidas Consortium NMD “Keys to the City” exclusive, just lacking the Nmd R2 premium Primeknit and sock-like ankle collar. Check out more details below and grab your pair today.
    The adidas NMD series continues to grow stronger Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 with each release as the three stripes have experimented with sleeker designs, more refined patterns on the Primeknit upper, and extended the full-length Boost Addidas Nmd for extra cushioning on the new wave of both the adidas NMD R2 and the adidas NMD CS2. Today we get a look at Nmd R1 a new geometric Primeknit pattern focused on interlacing a honeycomb-like detail to add support to the lightweight and breathable woven upper. The NMD R2 Harden Vol.2 shines thanks to a monochromatic Trace Pink offering while the NMD CS2 goes for a more complex combination of Trace Green and Trace Pink Cheap Adidas Shoes with additional stitching on the laceless upper. Check Human Race Nmd out more official images straight from adidas after the break and grab both pairs when they arrive at select retailers and on starting September 8th.