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  • How To Fix “AOL Email No Longer Syncing Or Fetching Email” Issue?

    It might be a common issue for users not being able to sync or fetch emails. This issue might as well irritate you but there is nothing to worry about. This is something that is very common and one can experience while working on the email service provider. The users of AOL email has also been encountering this issue a lot recently. You can easily solve this issue by following the information that has been provided to you through this blog. The users also have the option of effectively connecting with the AOL Email Customer Support Even though AOL is an amazing email service provider, there are often scenarios where they have to experience such issues. Having said this, it must also be mentioned that it is not something over which you would have to stress out a lot.

    Ways to solve the issue of AOL Email not syncing or fetching emails

    If you are looking for ways to solve the problem of AOL Email not syncing or not fetching emails, then you can easily solve the issue by using the given solutions.
    Solution 1: Remove the AOL account and add it again
    If you find that you are able to sync your AOL email, then the problem might be with your email account. Sometimes when your configuration file gets corrupted is when you would face this issue. In such a scenario the best option that you would have is to remove the AOL account and the try to add it again. This has often solved the issue for users.
    Solution 2: Examine the server settings in the Mail App
    It has been noted that users are sometimes unable to sync their AOL emails with their mail apps due to a certain configuration. Hence it is necessary that you properly configure your account details to solve this problem that you have encountered.
    The accurate configuration details that you can refer to are as given below:
    • IMAP Username: YourUsername@aol.com
    • Incoming Mail Server: imap.aol.com
    • SMTP Outgoing Server Address: smtp.aol.com. Set the port to 587.
    • SMTP Username: YourUsername@aol.com.
    • SMTP Password: the password you use to login to the Mail app.
    Solution 3: Turn off your privacy settings to let your app access your calendar
    • Access your settings, then Privacy, Calendar and then turn on the ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option.
    • Now you would have to change the sync duration.
    • In your Mail app, access the settings option.
    • Further, click on the Account Settings and then select the AOL account.
    • In the dialogue box that you would get, click on the AOL sync settings and personalize the sync duration.
    Solution 4: Cross-check your antivirus settings
    The most common issue that is faced by the users is when the antivirus firewall on their system denies the app certain access. You must ensure that your firewall grants access to the apps to go through it.
    If the Firewall is not causing the issue, it would be ideal for you to then set your network type in your antivirus to ‘Trusted’ and then check whether it has solved the issue.
    These are the most applied ways for solving the issue of your AOL Email not syncing or fetching emails. If you are unable to solve the issue using the steps that are given above, it would be best suggested that you contact the AOL Email Customer Service They would provide you with professional assistance on how to overcome the issue in the least possible time.
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How To Fix AOL Email No Longer Syncing Or Fetching Email Issue

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