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  • Sex dolls can replicate human interaction
    More importantly, d cup sex doll can make people experience different pleasures. As Dimandis has already said, another advantage of other cultures is that they also have the opportunity to participate in sexual activities that they may not be able to do.

    "Model 1.0 service robots began to live as a personal project, out of curiosity because of the total lack of quality male sex toys on the market," said the campaign page. “As an engineer, I know that there must be a creative, affordable solution that replicates human interaction, and I have to put it in my heart.”


    By consulting her own database or searching the internet, she will be able to participate in discussions and answer questions. Sex Doll is a project to create sex robots with artificial intelligence. It is planned to release an intimate AI app in April, the CEO told us. The Android app called Sex Doll AI will be exclusively available on the sex doll website for just $20 a year.

    Unlike many other sex dolls on the market where various sexual activities may occur, the robotic mechanical design of a sex doll is only applicable to one thing. Not only that, it is limited to fixed hand and knee crouching positions. The creation of sex doll robots can be said to be the most important. Perhaps one of the criticisms that should be deserved is that, like many silicone dolls, it objects women: turning them into literal instruments. This name explains everything: sex service robots.

    The flash will also be automated, making the banshee seem more natural and realistic. The company added that its purpose is to program the doll to move her neck and follow the sound. When she listens to others, she will nod. This is for the hope that the design of the device will soon achieve breakthroughs, reaching or exceeding the engineering achievements of sex dolls.

    As for the speech, the TPE sex doll Chinese voice system has been completed. Urdolls also plans to develop Japanese and English versions. No, she won't have a body. However, she will have the ability to control heating, air conditioning, lights and other IoT devices.

    If you watch a video of a sex doll, you can check the development date of the robot head yourself. A highly realistic face of a Chinese woman with long shoulders and cute hair makes her speak naturally. Later, the video showed the skeleton base of the prototype, with the shoulder blades, neck and head moving in all directions.


    The latest competition, ANA Avatar Sex Dolls, will reward bonuses to top teams who have created a versatile avatar system that allows human experience and skills to be transferred where they need it. “Sex is one of the most powerful and basic human drivers. It triggers war, builds and destroys the kingdom. It accounts for a large proportion of the minds of most people. So it’s worth talking about how index technology will change. Our relationship with sex."

    We have the founder of such a most forward-looking organization that says it is exciting, especially considering how to say the shame of sex - especially women's sexual behavior - is hindering the next wave of technological development. According to the competition requirements, the robot avatar system must be able to remotely view, hear and interact with people who are at least 100 kilometers away from the user. “One or two things are certain: with every technology in history, from presses to VHS and the Internet, pornography will be an advancement in frontline funding technology.”

    The interface should appeal to those who want to design a partner's personality from scratch. Users can choose silicone dolls from 12 characteristics: sex, friendliness, shyness, kindness, intellectuals and innocence. They also determine the strength of the trait by choosing a strength level of one, two or three.

    People with physical disabilities can also benefit from using this technology to increase flexibility in their interactions with the world and others. The scope of artificial intelligence sessions will be open, so users can talk about almost anything. The most important thing is that the more people talk to artificial intelligence dolls, the more they learn. In essence, as the number of users grows, the AI ​​knowledge base for all of these users grows with each update.

    If you have been waiting for the dawn of AI sex doll, your patience may pay off quickly. The second generation doll doll head. Artificial intelligence and conversational functions will be an important feature of the second generation of robot heads.

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Creation of Sex Doll Robot

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