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  • it sure doesn feel great to be mocked, at least if I remember fifth grade, correctly. And sometimes the osrs gold mocking and bullying of the whole group feels personal, and personal mocking sure feels like an attack.Again, they aren being systematically oppressed or endangered in any way, but I can see why some of my family feels like they under attack. I mean, it might not cause any long term damage or be a big deal in the now,

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    I would suggest an ATI card, they are good, but there are so many others. I'm sure there are many well priced ones. Just remember sometimes they may have conflicts with each other (your old one and new one) or the mother board may not support it if the board is too old. I'm not really sure about the compatibility thing, so I would suggest asking someone who can really tell you what will work, etc.

    All sports are 60 FPS. This is not the case with all streaming options. I know Pac 12 Network and NBC Sports Northwest (the latter I am forced to stream since I am out of market, I use my parents login) are only 30 FPS unless it changed very recently. 30 FPS is a big downgrade for watching sports.

    Content availability. Let face it, not all sports are available on streaming services. Most of them are now, but not all. Unless you counting illegal ones, but those have their own set of issues. This is the most true for regional networks like NBC Sports, FSN, (not the national NBCSN or FS1) etc that show local NBA, MLB, and NHL games.

    Picture in picture. Sure you could strategically resize and move your windows around if you using a PC, and maybe a service I haven tried offers this natively, but realistically where else can you put ESPN in the corner, FOX on the big screen, and instantly switch between the two with the press of a button, easily form your couch in front of the TV. Godsend for watching CFB games when your primary team isn playing.

    Help with log splitter [ 4 Answers ]I'm attempting to build a log splitter. I finally got it all assembled and it works great but seems very slow. I have a briggs 5 hp motor, Haldex 11 gpm pump, cross 2500 psi valve and a lion 4x24 cylinder. I think the problem is the pump. Although it is a 2 stage it starts on the first stage and.maybe someone here at Ask Me Help Desk can reply to this message and give you exact hardware that would work.Multiple Monitors. [ 1 Answers ]Is there any way to hook up 2 or 3 monitors onto one hard drive? Someone told me I can hook up two monitors to one hard drive, and then when my mouse is moved to the left, it'll go to the monitor on the left. (I hope I'm explaining it correctly!) I'm wondering what type of.
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    5/31/20 at 1:00 AM
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