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  • I really enjoy reading and learning from what everyone has to say.;)Originally Posted by valinors_sorrowI am not convinced runescape gold that we stay in a recognizable enough form to catch up like that. I somewhat suspect (given what I have "seen" firsthand in my life so far) that this life now is something like a cocoon and that death makes for such a transformation that the "butterfly"

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    Yeah Im about to prestige to 3rd . Did wraith fire and mog . Play alot of solo . BOTD china alley . VoD 3rd class berths with ice kraken . IX headshots .Now Im wondering , because I play solo more (for leveling up) . Bot strats are boring tbh . Everyone on IX is noob and everone dont know what to do on VoD and BOTD.Should I perma . SDM . Maddox . Arsenal accelarator . Bandolier . Deadshot .

    I think they are changing core fundamentals of zombies to make it "easier" in certain aspects so the bad players can probably easily make it to round 30 where as the simi good to expert players could take not needing a perk for survivability, create a class with crazy equipment to start, buildable shield added survivability, and broken spec weapons to get upwards of round 70+ in

    chill by the perk machine in docks without opening the big door next to it. Zombies come from 2 locations that the magmagat is perfect for. have people rock magmagats, quadpacked explosive shotguns deadshot modifier (explosive damage is affected by the headshot modifier but explosive kills don deactivate it)(downside is that a third gun is needed for getting the modifier every now and then).

    Equally most of the games thrive on the fact that doing the pvp offers beneficial rewards and you aren overly punished for dying.Like look at your CoD and Destiny and LoL and all that sort of thing when you do raids or campaigns or other pve content you are NOT being stalked by anything other than npcs. You don have pvpers floating around trolling and ruining you day for no real reason.

    Use either ragnaroks or the minigun (dg5s t3 save perks when used to revive)should make it to 130 150 pretty quickly because the modifier lets you kill so quickly and the zombies don have far to run.free monkeybomb statue is super easy too if you like them(kill with lvl2 special under the stairs next to libraryshoot red monkeypickup monkeybombs in spawn)Hmm i seem to have overlooked timeslip guess it maybe better than I thought. We were trying to setup last night to stay at the top of the stairs in the wardens house we got everything together one time, pap the titan 4x and had all perks except I was using stone cold as the tonic because someone has to watch the window so I would always get kills in the circle, however idk how much it caps out at and whatnot.
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    9/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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