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  • Sex dolls can reach the climax of the simulation
    This sounds obvious, but there are two aspects to this very complex problem. “People may think of sex dolls as a strange thing you read. But before they know, these robots will do their jobs and marry their children, their grandchildren and their friends,” He told the Sun newspaper last year.


    “They need to remember that just a few years ago, mobile phones were seen as an indispensable item in society, but now we can't operate without them.” In March of this year, the president of a sex doll manufacturing company claimed Sex dolls and robots are better for children than pornography. The sex doll brothels in Barcelona, ​​Spain introduced the first silicone sex doll for "curious" customers.

    These are some of the issues discussed in the new documentary "Sexual Robots" and "We", including a 28-year-old prosthetic amputee - investigating an industry that has flourished in some parts of the world. But these robots have a dark side - some experts warn that they can change humans forever.

    “Now, if you want to buy one for this money, you have to buy one that you find attractive. For example, if you have a wide choice of cars, you have to have more choices than sex dolls,” he explained. . “There are not only two models on the market, you can choose dolls to customize their appearance. People will design them as house attendants, housekeepers or maids to buy robots, or anything they buy for them, and they will customize its appearance. So that they find it attractive.

    "But I hope they can have their own sex dolls. If people have partners and sexual assistance in sex dolls, it will put tremendous pressure on caregivers and nurses. "I think people's attitudes will move in this direction. Anyway, I hope so. "

    The company, which will open later this month or early October, will allow customers to rent or buy robotic dolls, which, according to the company's founders, are "warm and ready to play." Most importantly, the whole theme of the life doll is just terrible, because - like many things - it is still new.

    In April of this year, the international fascination with sex robots entered Hollywood, premiered by Zoe, a sex robot niece starring Christina Aguilera. In October, the sex robot on Tinder received 92 games in just two hours. “When you add gender to the equation, it gets even more horrible.” It is reported that 67% of people who match the sex doll robot are willing to have sex with them.

    In early January 2018, a writer predicted that sex robots might make men obsolete and even talk about the possibility of giving sex toys to their daughters. But what is the sexual ethics involved? Is it a rape to have sex with an artificial intelligence doll? If not, can you live out fantasy and encourage rape in real life? What about the mini 100cm doll that look small?

    “Human needs intimacy will drive the design and manufacture of sensory, self-aware, male and female sex doll robots. These gender robots will be able to be customized and become the perfect partner for their buyers. They will be like us in some ways. But in other respects, will be customized to love us, gaining a deep understanding of us as part of the self-tailoring process and being able to be affected."

    With their popularity in Europe, 2018 North American sex robot brothels are also expanding. The sex doll professor thinks so, and recently predicted that sex robots will become advanced enough to "suffer" and "get deep knowledge."


    For sex doll, our special report explores the intersection of exploratory and technical, we talked to the owners of these “sex dolls” and found that most people have created unique personalities for their dolls, and not only see them as Sexual objects and as emotional objects - companions, even. Many people are excited about the prospect of using artificial intelligence to help further develop their fantasy.

    "I think those people should be worried. Robots are entirely possible to surpass them," an article said. "Perhaps sexual robots can make men, not women, outdated. “Sexual dolls also respond positively to human touch, able to reach a simulated orgasm and detect when male users are about to ejaculate. According to Toronto’s own sex neuroscience experts, we should focus on all possible benefits of these robots instead of focusing on them. Sexual perspective.

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Sex Dolls Will Respond Positively to Human Touch

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