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  • Possibly longer.If we thought enough people would really take up on this, we might consider it. But rs gold all evidence shows that replayable content is just not picked up by more than a handful of people.We seen it with the sagas, Broken Home, Sliske Endgame. Presented with the chance to replay content, only a tiny fraction of people do so, even years later.So given how much time that would take away from other content, it just not worth it.

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    Hirez knows what theyre doing. If you come from paladins you know they don charge much for pretty good quality skins its around like 300/400 crystals during events which is around 8 or 10 bucks making it a worth while purchase cuz of the special effects and voice lines. RR on the other hand thinks people will just dump loads of money into their skins that isn even justified like i swear the bird has the same sound effects as the raptor.

    Seriously, it been insane. It went from 1/3 games being trash talking assholes to 100 percent being legit nice environments. I think people go into games expecting negativity and, in turn, create an environment in which negativity is the default. If that doesn't do it then I rebuild. It takes too much time to attempt to clean a machine only to discover that you won't get it all. It will come back.

    Chad Allan, this is where the rational thought process goes off the deep end for you. Having the is just an opinion position is what I have coined as the ESPN First Take syndrome. They take a topic, and have 2 conflicting opinions. She kind of brought it upon herself. I can assure you that she has a whole host of other troubling things going on in her life that drive her to suicide. Your words alone wouldn't have caused such radical decision to suddenly end her life..

    I played the first two Fear Effect games, and I was a backer for Sedna. I can speak for everyone, but I played the games because I was drawn to the art style, characters, and some aspects of the story. Though to be honest, I can remember much of the story.Edit: and just for context, this is coming from my point of view. I have very much seen both sides.

    I live in the wealthiest per capita city in my state. Hey there /u/IronGoddess_RS sorry for late response. I see you been inundated by people recommending the RS Pocketbook to you regarding this question. Originally we actually hosted these images within the pocketbook and that would be why they doing that, though these days those images are pretty out of date.
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  • 3/8/19 at 1:00 AM -
    7/31/20 at 1:00 AM
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