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  • I personnally think any game site that enables convos between players should be off limits to those runescape gold under 18, as predators KNOW 11 15 yr olds are on there, and moms are not.But I don like chat sites for kids, either. So.?The important part is your son understands the rules of internet safety. The folks at Jagex do their best to enforce them however as
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    I would suggest you read the section in the upper left on the homepage where the Base box is and there is a Guide Right under that is and Security I actually started playing to get a better handle on what occurs and, well, I now rank my son by 23 levels, lol. I am also in an adult clan and part of our decree is to help out younger players and help to make it a safe environment. in other words there are people playing helping to watch out and enforce the rules also.

    Since the game was created and based in England there are international players and neat conversations about some differences so there is learning opportunity ;).with anything online there is plenty of opportunity for the rules to be broken and the staff and moderators cannot be everywhere. They do their best with censors and Moderators and are aware there is a big percentage of underage players.

    The bottom line is to make sure your son understands how to stay as safe as possible, I never call my son by his real name in game for example.I hope he (and possibly you?) enjoy!My two boys aged 9 and 13 play everyday, they have fully paid accounts also and i also have an account (although i die within 5 mins lol ).

    Is it wrong to ask your daughter "suitor" to write his name on a rifle cartridge so you "have a bullet with his name on it?" I don think so. Give me your best "shot" if you disagree. (Dad of 4 girls, so be careful!)My 3 year old son likes to hump. He will get on the bed and hump it until he is out of breath! He will come out of the bedroom with his hair wet from sweat. Is this normal? Im freaked out. Does this mean he has seen someone do it? I need help!

    Where is a place that it isn safe for a child to play? (railroad tracks, rivers edge)What would you say to a child who wants to know why people murder each other? My neice asked me about how she saw on the news a mom that killed her husband and child and I don know of a "kid friendly" way to approach this?It my son second Halloween, I like to dress up with him. I want to dress up as an old lady with a "I LOVE BINGO" hat, I gonna wear a moo moo, slippers, carry a cup of bingo chips. I am looking for ideas on how to
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    9/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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