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  • The repetitive movement of sex dolls becomes more real
    Fortunately, it seems that sex doll robots are likely to replace human partners - at least for now. According to a survey by Tufts University researchers, most people think that having sex with a robot is more like using sex toys than sleeping with people. But even if gender is removed, our artificial friends will have other interesting uses in the future.


    If we want to know what a day a sex robot will look like, can any sci-fi movies really portray them well? The answer is no. In terms of emotional simulation, movies with sex robots always show more advanced movies than I thought 50 years ago. Repeated sexual movements I hope to become more real than the interaction.

    We asked the biotechnology researcher, Ph.D., if what is available now is really considered a sex robot and what we can expect in the future. I didn't want my wife to have sex, and I said, "Look, because of the lack of synchronicity, sex has broken many relationships," I will not put pressure on my marriage.

    Although I am bored to answer this question, I understand the source of it. For many of us, our confidence in relationships is at least partly related to our sexual ability, so if an object can bring a lot of fun to your partner, I think it is necessary to worry that this will affect you here. The status of the aspect. Relationship... Suppose you think that sexual pleasure is the only partner you think you are offering to you!

    Silicone dolls are by far one of the most realistic dolls. She has the ability to answer questions and engage in conversations, although this is a very strange Scottish/Asian accent. The robot can even connect to downloadable applications, allowing users to download a variety of different personalities for their dolls. These include intellectuals, shyness, extroversion, jealousy, seeking excitement, annoyance, kindness and sex, and, to be honest, we think this is a given type of sex robot.

    Your purchase includes what sex dolls are at the forefront of sexual value robotics, spawned by the $30 billion sex technology industry. The mini 100cm dolls are designed for those who are eager to have the opportunity to imitate sex, and they have extremely realistic models. Sex dolls often have many realistic features. Some sex robots offer customizable apertures - the vagina, the anus - while others can respond to voice, display eye tracking functions or perform limited movement functions.

    What positive impact do you think they have on our lives? Robots are very useful when partner access is not available. For example, starting with a well-controlled, programmed, non-judgmental partner, overcoming the treatment of sexual abuse may feel safer. People who are difficult to attract a partner due to mental illness, different appearances or simply not interested, may choose to engage in sexual activity with the robot. The established romantic relationship may include a robot to increase their sexual breadth. Robots may also have the ability to discharge - directing illegal behavior to robots rather than humans.


    Learn the taste of your partner and learn about your taste. It is speculated that sex robots will eventually achieve this level of progress, but now this phenomenon is quite limited. Mastering someone's anatomy and kinks is very satisfying, so you can open them with your body and your smart mind.

    Robots can even remember the characteristics of their users, including the food they like - nevertheless, we are not sure. “We found a lot of health claims, and we analyzed them,” the research co-author explained. She is an academic foundation doctor at St. George's University Hospital in London. “Sex robots may contribute to safer sex, have a therapeutic effect on people with sexual or partner problems, and may reduce sexual abuse of children.”

    In an interview with the Daily Star, the CEO said: “The idea of ​​robots is to help someone find a level of friendship that they may not be able to achieve. Laugh in sex. Look, let us be real. The company may not get you. Weird puns. However, you can still make yourself laugh, so this is what I think.

    The TPE doll called "chery" requires users to be romantic before using her, which is good because it teaches people to be polite and necessary when making love. According to him, he decided to creative dolls because "humans are not enough", men and women have different views on sex, especially men always want to have sex. It’s like he has never spoken to a woman before.

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Is It Possible for A Sex Doll Robot to Replace A Human Partner

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