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  • Run back into the alley and go down to the lot at the bottom of the hill (the one with the single red blip). Shoot runescape gold the leftover Vagos and the red tank next to the Phoenix parked here. Next go to the middle lot, with the two red blips, and pour gas from a Jerry Can on both (with a stream between). Or you could use a Grenade, but what the hell, save $250 and just burn them.
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    The gang leader is escaping, take him outIf you planted the Proximity Mine earlier this part will not be an issue. If you decided not to (why I don't know) run out to the street and spray the gang leader's windshield Michael Mann style. Sometimes he almost always crashes into a pole making his escape. If that didn't work (still you got mines dude) then chase after him in your PV and

    shoot him from behind the wheel. Once the gang leader is dead the mission is over.(At Rank 8 you use a DLC assault rifle; Sawn off Shotgun, Marksman Rifle, and a Proximity Mine. Grenades are not unlocked until Rank 15. You can also take a lot of damage at this Rank, especially when climbing that ladder. Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.)

    Go to the El Burro Heights train yardDrive around the corner to the train yard. Once you drive through the main gates go to the left. Make a right at the trailers on the right (see first picture).Deliver the trailer to the depotbut not as bad as taking on several gunmen with no cover. Before you get to the depot take it easy around the nearby turn, you could flip the trailer if you turn too hard
    Juley came back from work to find Prince Pondicherry laying on the couch, as per usual. In the ten or so months since he appeared she lost track of the exact date, as the day she kissed a frog out of desperation for any contact at all wasn her proudest moment he garnered a sugar gut that he certainly didn have at the beginning, His skin had gone from a tanned tone to something far more pale and sun lacking,

    "How it go?" She spoke up, already knowing the answer. and he grown more and more despondent with every passing job application."awful." Replied the prince, reaching for a grape from a nearby box, and following it up with a grape flavoured gumball. "A whole thirty minutes wasted in a waiting room question, does anyone actually read those magazines properly?"
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