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    I dont necessarily hate that people dont cheese, and i understand that people like to do it normally. Especially when they teach new players.I've been thinking about it a lot and I'm not sure whyDatingWoman asks why men she dates become 'obsessed' with her sparking fiery debateA woman says she's fed up of men who act too keen after just one date

    I just hate the hypocritical white knights that say it wrong. These douchebags prefer to do things so they can act better than everyone else, and justify it by saying it an exploit and shouldn be done.And to all those who think that way, theres a genuine moral argument in using an optimal strategy to clear a raid faster and respect everyone time.

    I guess I one of those "hypocritical white knights". It is a cheese and I generally don recommend doing it because A it might be patched and B it leads to stories like this post (and others in the comments) where people join up and don know how to do mechanics and cause problems. If you don care about the feeling of accomplishment of doing it right and just want the loot more power to you.

    As for the clip itself, I was hoping to find some context to the situation. The white guy was saying that the black man was going to jail. So my guess is that either the white guy is actually a stereotypical racist or the black guy was stealing prior to the footage. 238 points submitted 3 months ago

    Tbh though were just as much to blame for it as they are, we let it get this far and did nothing, and as a result we dug ourselves a hole.Thing is, cost aren going up, Jagex has been making record profits each year according to their investor calls. And the rate at which content updates have been made in favour of mtx promos is tilting in favor of mtx by the day.
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