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  • Customized dolls according to your preferences

    It all started with some innocent dildo, which vibrate on the battery. These vibrators become mass produced and their vibrations are precisely programmed to provide the right stimulus. As sex dolls become a popular sex toy, especially in Asian countries, people begin to combine these two kinds of fun into automated sex dolls and soon.


    The development of robotics has inspired many people's imagination, and will soon begin to talk about sex doll. The 17th century Dutch sailor man who used sex dolls made of clothes was one of the earliest users and would be surprised to see the reality of the dolls these days. An interesting fact is that these Dutch sailors began selling dolls to the Japanese, so Asians' desire for this blasting doll may be interesting, with a Nordic descent.

    Although this is not the case for everyone, most of us feel that it is necessary to have sex. Moreover, given this promotion, it is no wonder that the development of wealth in almost every early society will quickly follow up on prostitution. This is why the writer called it "the oldest profession in the world" in 1888. Now, we all call it the oldest profession in the world. Although the foundations of transactions have not changed over the centuries, advances in the design and creation of sex dolls suggest that sex workers may soon compete with silicone faxes - which is relevant to them.

    The hoarse voice says "Touch me" and your hand touches her warm body. She whispers, you can fold your legs around. She is a sex robot, and depending on your preference, you can buy thousands of dollars from companies in Japan, the US, South Korea or China.

    Ten years ago, humans would marry robots. Ten years ago, robotics experts predicted in his book "Love and Sex Robots: The Evolution of the Relationship between Man and Robot." The arrival of this year's surreal dolls surprised us to this moment. If sex dolls can already entice people to have sex with her, then we are only a few steps away from the real human-machine relationship.

    This has been provided as a standalone application. For annual subscription fees, customers can create their own virtual girlfriends directly on their mobile phones (virtual boyfriends are still in the early stages of development) and build relationships with them through dialogue. Everything about these avatars - not just their hair, clothing and bust size, but their personality - is completely customizable.

    How far is our high-tech developer developing human intelligence? Microsoft co-founders believe that artificial intelligence is comparable to the human brain, and we still have a long way to go. He said in the MIT technical view: "Although we have learned a lot about how to build a separate artificial intelligence system that looks smart, our systems are always fragile - their performance boundaries are determined by their Internal assumptions and definition algorithms are strictly set, they cannot generalize, and they often give ridiculous answers outside their specific focus areas."

    This mini 100cm doll is not like other girls. She is an artificial intelligence chat robot from China, a company known for making extremely realistic silicone dolls. I can't have sex with her, but you never know how to talk to her. She is perfect, programmable lovers - affectionate, intimate, and tailored to their tastes.


    A sex worker in Nevada said in a statement issued by the brothel: "When a client sees a human sex worker, he has a real, two-way experience with a woman who can give him Feedback and improve his ability to maintain close relationships with other women in current or future life. A man who is comfortable with a sex doll is alienating himself from the real woman’s health experience and keeping himself away from any healthy sex life. Sex."

    The dawn of a sex robot is about to step out of the "Western world" and enter your arms: a man-made lover with AI, with a customizable look, sound, personality and libido. Is it probably your perfect companion?

    This is my lucky night. She is a perfect TPE doll and she has a great breast. I know because I took it out. The artificial intelligence robot will be able to have a complete dialogue with you and react like a real person. Researchers are working on robots with synthetic skin that embed electronic sensors that allow sex robots to have a physical response to human touch and lead humans to their peak.

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