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    Dean Liptak is a natural science teacher who teaches at Fivay high school in Hudson pasco, Florida. Closed 5 days but recently he has suffered a punishment, because he is unhappy students use smart phones in the classroom, the use of excessive, was finally let the teacher decided to let the students use cell phone jammer can't use a mobile phone and listen attentively. Local station wtsp-tv reported that he built jammers with his knowledge and succeeded in making the bustling classroom quieter.


    In an interview he said only the jammers interfere with some scope of classroom, even before the use of jammers to consult with the local law enforcement officers, his answer is that if for not justified to signal interference is to belong to illegal behavior, but obviously Liptak think it is a good reason.
    Linda quoted pasco county school district spokesman Cobbe says: "after heard that someone uses interference equipment Verizon has been investigated to the school, because the cellular signal service always be cut off in the region." Verizon, which later contacted Verizon, said it would not be suing Liptak, and a spokesman said it had declined to comment.

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    In recent years, high-tech means to cheat in the exam, the use of mobile phones, pagers cheating methods of passing questions and answers "popular", in a variety of tests to the supervisor. Recently, the shaanxi provincial personnel office and the finance department used a wireless jamming device in a provincial exam to make the cheater "dream" disillusioned.

    The installation of gsm jammer around the test site can effectively prevent students from cheating on their phones, but it can also affect the normal use of mobile phones by people around them. What are the regulations on the installation of jamming devices? Should you install a jammer in the examination room?

    Constitutional rights are greater than discipline

    Article 40 of our constitution stipulates: "the freedom of correspondence and communication of citizens of the People's Republic of China shall be protected by law. In addition due to the need of national security or to pursue the criminal, by the public security organ or the procuratorial organ in accordance with legal procedures inspection on communication, any organization or individual shall not be any reason to infringe upon citizens freedom and privacy of communication." Therefore, freedom of communication should be a constitutional right. There is no doubt that affecting the normal use of other people's phones is an act of infringing on others' freedom of communication.

    So does cheating in the exam matter to national security? In China, cheating in the examination room is generally only characterized by disciplinary violations.

    Therefore, in the case that the current interference technology is not mature, it is inappropriate to use the jammer to prevent the students from cheating on the mobile phone, so as to avoid the violation of the law in order to enforce discipline.

    There are restrictions on the use of jammers

    Practice, not only wifi jammer prevent cheating in the exam in use, some hospitals, gas stations, movie theaters and so on also secretly placed the device, is used to temporarily solve medical electronic equipment, mobile phone signal interference increasing gas station equipment hidden trouble.

    The most of the unit and site installation of mobile phone jammers mostly there is no sign type and equipment manufacturing unit, did not deal with radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate, according to the relevant provisions of the ministry of information industry, these are illegal.

    According to the regulation, the enterprises that produce and sell mobile phone jammers must obtain the authorization of the state security bureau of the province above, and go through relevant procedures with the radio management agencies above the province. The communication jammer shall not be installed and used except for special circumstances.


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