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  • I have a friend who was my roommate years ago, along with some very bright MIT guys, and she felt cheap runescape gold intimidated by their brains, despite being a very good nurse and a very good artist. She spent a whole week non stop with a cube and huge pieces of blank newsprint, drawing solutions, and finally got it, and could solve it quickly from then on. And suddenly (I think) she wasn't bothered by all the geniuses around her anymore.

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    Joypulv, u bet. I will b the next champ. But i need time. One day i will take the decision of sitting with the cube for weeks and figure out more advanced ways :) . Btw, can u ps tell Alty that i am waiting for him?Alty here. Definitely not a him. :)I guess the trick is to not stop to see what arrangement you have just done as you solve it you need all the steps in mind before you even start.

    fuckin tell me about it. i had all 3 chars to max ll pre CoO and quit. then jumped to pc and sold console. fast forward to forsaken, and i get d2 again. ive done 2 chars to 50 and full storys on both, but i just cant bring myself to do my 3rd. im already burnt back out. sitting at 591 on my titan, and just did my first raid sunday. seems like destinylfg is dead for pc,

    and my clan im the only 3rd shifter. so no ones up at night on the weekends like i am, and when i get out of work, everyones just getting to work. but i cant leave cause most of them are friends. so im stuck soloing most things, and even then i think 591(didnt even finish everything this reset) pretty much solo, having rebought the game i think 2 weeks in to forsaken.

    big diabeetus has impenetrable defenses, so i have a feeling even karebear aido would have trouble making a dent in her. her haki is constantly up and god tier for defense. kaido on the other hand is just strong. his defense is more like thick skin, where big moms is haki. if luffy were able to hit big mom the same way as he hit kaido,

    Ice Cube [ 2 Answers ]We would like to put the sides back together, we need a solution to our rubiks cube.Ok I have a small problem. About three weeks ago I saw a song on MTV 2. It had Ice cube in it driving in a car with four other rappers driving around in their cars too. They were all driving BMW's and Mercedes. I think that it's a new video but I'm not sure. I just spent and hour trying to.
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  • 1/11/19 at 1:00 AM -
    4/30/20 at 1:00 AM
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