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    I found it a considerably less rewarding feeling to take a bit of time to top up the crystarium every now and then as a break from the story. It started feeling rewarding much later in the game.Photopea runs entirely in browser. browser takes care of everything. How much does Chrome installer weight? If Photopea was standalone it would need to include that (or, more likely, a JS engine. like V8).

    You can check by yourself though. Point this (win, mac) at your PS folder and look.CP is a value. Multiplying gained CP is adding functionality. Values in RAM are pretty easy to change to a new value. Changing the code to add functionality would require specific work and wouldn be editable at runtime for security reasons.

    The best you going to get with a Cheat Engine like solution is to watch the CP value in memory, keep track of changes, and update the value so the final value adds a multiple of the change. Even then, this requires some kind of script and I have no idea what Cheat Engine gives you there. It also lets you avoid multiplying negative changes, which would multiply CP costs in the crystarium and underflow your CP if you weren careful. 128 points submitted 10 days ago

    The bug itself is horrible let's face it any ability to crash a client plain sucks I'm looking at you alt code bug.For the fix we've had to completely re do the title system engine side. That has knock on effects on things outside of the "core" game:The forums and runemetrics means our web team are involvedThe engine side means our engine team are involved

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