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  • on adults with GID (Zucker, 1985). Due to the potential effects of social desirability on participants' osrs gold responses, it ispossible that the rates of persistent gender dysphoria (and also homosexual outcomes) in thesestudies were an underestimate. It is unlikely that participants would have reported a homosexualor GID outcome if, in fact, they were not homosexual or experiencing gender dysphoria; thus, an

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    This study provided information on the natural histories of 25 girls with gender identity disorder (GID). Standardized assessment data in childhood (mean age, 8.88 years; range, 3 12 years) and at follow up (mean age, 23.24 years; range, 15 36 years) were used to evaluate gender identity and sexual orientation. At the assessment in childhood,

    60% of the girls met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria for GID, and 40% were subthreshold for the diagnosis. At follow up, 3 participants (12%) were judged to have GID or gender dysphoria. Regarding sexual orientation, 8 participants (32%) were classified as bisexual/homosexual in fantasy, and 6 (24%) were classified as bisexual/homosexual in behavior.

    The remaining participants were classified as either heterosexual or asexual. The rates of GID persistence and bisexual/homosexual sexual orientation were substantially higher than base rates in the general female population derived from epidemiological or survey studies. There was some evidence of a "dosage" effect, with girls who were more cross sex typed in their childhood behavior more likely to

    be gender dysphoric at follow up and more likely to have been classified as bisexual/homosexual in behavior (but not in fantasy).Age ranges of 3 12?? So what kind of garbage targeted age range is that? Asking a 3 year old if they okay with their bodies? This study is already a joke. Follow up years of 15 36 years? Can they possibly have a wider margin for their follow up questions?

    "Hey remember when we asked you when you were 3 years old if you rather bee a boy? Do you still feel that way?" Tossing this one out completely. Laughable. AND EVEN IF YOU DON TOSS IT OUT THERE WERE STILL 3 PARTICIPANTS WHO HAD GENDER DYSPHORIA.
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