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  • She soon discovered other triggers. A teacher who whispered instructions while turning the cheap runescape gold pages of a textbook left her mesmerized. So did the crinkle of paper, a hairbrush against her scalp, soft tapping, murmured sibilance.In 2009, three years after moving to the United States, Maria struggled with depression as she and her husband went through a divorce. While searching for relaxation videos to help her sleep one night,
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    "And as soon as I heard the lady's voice, I just got showered with tingles," Maria says. "It was so great." she clicked a suggested link, titled simply "whisper."She saw that dozens of other viewers had left comments describing a similar reaction. That's when she realized she wasn't alone.

    The discovery was life changing, she says. Whenever she felt stressed by her administrative job at a medical company, she watched a "whisper" video to calm down. And when she spoke in gentle tones, she realized that she could provide the same feeling for others.Nearly three years later, she has more than 300,000.

    She noticed that some of her employer's clients often asked her to show them product catalogues, although they rarely bought anything. "They would just keep asking me questions and I would keep flipping pages, and they would just zone out and stare at me," she says with a shy laugh.

    She made her first ASMR video in February 2011, filming herself as she leafed through a journal and played with seashells. The video logged just two views in a month, and Maria was so disappointed that she deleted it. A few months later, she tried again; this time, there were a few encouraging comments. She kept at it, and by the end of the year, she had 30,000 subscribers.

    She has invested in her craft, upgrading to top notch binaural microphones that carry every exhale into a listener's ears as if Maria is standing beside them. Her videos, like most ASMR recordings, are undeniably intimate. But the intended response although often described as "brain orgasms" is not sexual, ASMR enthusiasts insist. (Unsurprisingly, a few of the creepier online comments insist otherwise.)
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