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  • How to update Windows 10?

    Well, if we are talking of windows update, we must understand what is Windows Update? Windows Update is the service provided by Microsoft for Windows 9x & Windows NT families of operating system. In these operating system, it automatically download and install updates from the internet. Here we are going to understand how to do windows update in Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is lot different from the previous version of operating system released by Microsoft. It does not allow manual, and selective installation of updates. In this window, all updates with regard to Windows are downloaded and installed automatically and users will be notify to choose restart system now or schedule it later.

    Now when we needed to download updates for previous windows, we generally used to go to Control panel. But It's not in the Control Panel anymore. In windows 10 you need to get into Settings application to check latest Windows Update & install them on your Lenovo laptop or any other PC. Also a user can contact Lenovo Support UK to get help with Windows 10. Now, we will go through the Windows Update & Security settings and learn how to change & adjust the Windows Update settings in your PC in detail.

    Steps for Windows Update in Win 10

    Here we are providing some simple steps by which one can easily do Windows update for Windows 10:

    1. First step is to go to settings. This can be done by two ways: Either you could type Settings in the taskbar search bar and click on the result or one can click on windows key and look for setting in the left side panel.

    2. In second step, click on Update & Security link to open the panel for windows update.

    3. Here it will show the current status of your Lenovo laptop or whatever PC you have, whether it is updated or not. Also, you can check for the latest updates manually by clicking on Check for Updates.

    4. In last step, system will start checking for the available updates & download it on laptop or PC automatically.

    In addition to this, this update panel gives the option to schedule the Restart. In other words, if you want to choose how updates are installed in your Lenovo laptop or PC, scroll down & go to the Advanced Options.

    Another important feature is that it gives Home users only two options under Choose how updates are installed.

    1. Automatic (Recommended)

    2. Notify to schedule restart

    Here, one can choose how updates are installed. Generally, Microsoft recommends choosing Automatic Update. In other words, users have no choice in Windows 10 (for home user). However, the enterprise users have an option, which lets them select: when they want to download & install the Updates.

    Also to know more about the lenovo laptop windows 10 update, one can contact Lenovo Support

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