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  • Recently, the Knicks player Christaps Porzingis accepted an interview with the reporter.

    "For the injury, my attitude is not to worry too much, look forward."

    "I watched the video, I know what it feels like, but I won't escape. I know what happened. The injury can't be avoided, and it happened."

    "The wound will leave scars, but the important thing is that it is not here (refers to the head). So, when you get back to the field, you won't even think about your knees."

    "I think the most important part of this injury is the mentality problem. This is why I keep my concentration and continue to train. Because as a basketball player, you work hard and then play a five-to-five confrontation, which is the most enjoyable for basketball players. Place. And here, you can't play, you can only train yourself every day."

    “The biggest reason I stayed in Madrid is that I want to use the training facilities of the Real Madrid Club. Their training facilities are among the best in the world. And, there is everything I need, and my family takes care of me. My team also Take care of me here. I have nothing to complain about."

    “I practiced some yoga exercises because I wanted to cut off other things and focus on what I needed to do. Just pay attention to breathing. After every hour of yoga, I feel refreshed.”

    “From the rehabilitation, what I learned is that balance is very important. Only by maintaining balance can we make the greatest progress.”

    "I want to be an MVP one day and want to be the best defensive player one day. These are still my goals."

    Porzingis said that he is not afraid of injury.

    "If you have confidence in yourself and you will try to be the best yourself, then why are you afraid of these negative things? You just have to work hard to forget the injury. You just want to continue to work hard and continue to progress, then you I will return to the field soon and enjoy the game https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-19-coins ."
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Mentality is the most important

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