One Piece Unlimited World R's Theme Previewed in 5-Minute Video

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  • Namco Bandai Games began streaming the final full promotional video (plus the fifth video overall) with the One Piece Unlimited World R video game with the Nintendo 3DS on Tuesday. The five-minute video features "Hashire!" (Run!), the theme song that Hideki Sakamoto (Yakuza sequels, Toukiden, Echochrome) composed and arranged for the orchestra to carry out.

    The video begins in the threshold of your new adventure, as guided through the brand-new raccoon character Pat voiced by TARAKO (Chibi Maruko-chan's titular character, Noir's Altena). Original manga creator Eiichiro Oda designed Pat and also the other new characters himself.

    The video then introduces Trans Town, the members' base of operations where they could obtain equipment, relax, dine out, and acquire lodging. From there, the gamers can set about different quests and battle enemies with numerous of the manga and anime's familiar characters. The game allows players to fish, catch bugs, seek out treasure, and much more to develop and train their characters.

    Oda also designed Red, the gray-faced pirate voiced by Masachika Ichimura (Pokemon: The First Movie's Mewtwo, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's Red XIII) plus the game's nemesis. The video then introduces more familiar characters: Edward Newgate, Akainu, Aokiji, M. Caesar Clown, Trafalgar Law, Hody Jones, Enel, and Crocodile. The game is receiving another original character named Yadoya, voiced by Rumi Hiiragi (Spirited Away's Chihiro).

    The game allows up to four players to experiment with together, and players can explore the concept of One Piece using friends. Ganbarion is developing the "multi action-adventure" title.

    The game is inspiring two Nintendo 3DS XL color variants: Luffy Red and Chopper Pink. The game and also the two 3DS XL consoles will ship in Japan on November 21. The first copies with the game will incorporate the download codes to get a limited adventure costume of Luffy from One Piece Film Strong World, with an additional Marineford quest with Ace like a
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