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  • Recently, X-Legend Entertainment - this company developed from Taiwan once was very successful with all the online games for the PC as Aura Kingdom. However, this manufacturer has never seen any names create powerful imprint around the mobile gaming market.

    Therefore, X-Legend hopes to alter his luck together with the latest product called Astral Crown . This is a MMORPG style Japanese Anime for mobile platform has officially entered Closed Beta testing phase in Taiwan. Games are developed based for the Astral Realm, also referred to as Twin Saga from the West.

    Astral Crown involves the story of four years old kingdoms formed after a period of fierce war for advocating with the 'Holy thing' (items which full power from the Holy). Each kingdom includes a sacred character along with the player's task would be to choose 1 of four years old kingdom.

    The holy relics include Victory Sword for red, Holy Grail chalice blue, crown green Crown of Life, along with the Staff of Truth wand yellow. But peace is simply little while later, the rumors in regards to the revival with the Demon clan, that had been defeated long by 4 kingdoms, resurfaced on everywhere.

    Show game brings four basic character classes include Swordsman, Assassin, Ranger and Mage. Each character class will be unlocked and upgraded into a higher class as Paladin, Brawler, Hunter or Sage. Additionally, players will likely be free to switch between character classes and class originally evolved inside battle to utilize their unique skills in each case.

    In addition, X-Legend also brought a number of exciting gameplay features for example control of territory, strategic PVP as much as 100 people and pet system extremely cute Senshi. Graphics systems with cute chibi characters and effects combos, spectacular fire can be the strengths of Astral Crown .

    It is unclear once the game launches ever. Interested readers can find out more details at the homepage of https://www.mmoah.com/aura-kingdom
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Astral Crown - Game beautiful anime style shimmering from Taiwan

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