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  • In Open Beta since 6 January, the MMORPG free-to-play Aura Kingdom invites players for taking their first steps in the colorful and enchanting universe.

    Everything just opened, the colorful an entire world of Aura Kingdom is definitely covered by many players, whether or not stepped on. Graphically neat, the MMORPG free-to-play put together by the studio X-Legend and operated by Aeria Games in your country already aligns the numbers. Thus, a huge number of players who taken part in the closed beta or reserved for the purchasers in the founders packs created 170,000 characters to ever earn a thousand hours of play.

    In line Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal , you will find Aura Kingdom with the Asian MMORPG with well-established mechanical. With a single click, you can manage automatically go. With your faithful companion, you may link the quests inside an enchanting setting for the relatively rapid growth. The walk could be the rise of levels is conducted with one hand, literally. We will consider utilizing the arrow secrets to move in the fighting or later shortcuts.

    If the interface and also the police of maybe did not really keep with the game's graphics, this title is an element of its Asian MMORPG where we let ourselves go, without great difficulty. The dungeons and PvP are another story that may take some the perfect time to unfold, for better or worse.

    You will get an overview of Aura Kingdom inside a series of video. After character creation one of several eight classes available, it will likely be time to adopt his first steps to find a cutscene introducing the universe from the https://www.mmoah.com/aura-kingdom
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First steps about the Open Beta of Aura Kingdom

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