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  • In today's game, the Cavaliers lost 102-110 to the Warriors, a big score 0-3 behind. After the game, Knight forward LeBron James was interviewed by the media.

    Speaking about the G4's outlook, James said: "We have the opportunity to continue the series on Friday (local time), but we must put in 48 minutes of effort. We know the strength of the team opposite, first of all they are in the NBA. With the best third quarter team, they won 8 more points in the third quarter tonight and reversed our lead in the first half. We must concentrate and keep the first half of the game."

    Speaking of facing the Warriors' errant space, James said: "The space for making mistakes when dealing with them is very small. It's like playing against the Patriots. You can't afford to make mistakes. They won't make mistakes and defeat you. If you Forcing them to make a mistake, you must make good use of the opportunity, you must play the best condition, show extremely keen judgment, focus on every turn, you can't make communication mistakes, can't appear low tide, can't make mistakes on your own, Otherwise, they will make you pay a price, and when they let you pay for the price, it will be a 6-0 or 9-0 spurt, a wave of scoring, so you just can't have fault tolerance. In the 48 minutes of the game, there may be minor mistakes in some rounds, but most of the time, you cannot afford to face a series of embarrassment in the face of such opponents."

    When it comes to whether this year's Warriors are more fragile than in previous years, James said: "Anyway, if you want to win a championship and you want to compete for a championship, you have to beat the championship team. They are the defending champions, and everyone is very serious about it. They are fragile and underperforming, they lag behind 2-3, and then they win the ball at home and away and win the championship. This is what the championship team and the champions have to do. They are able to win the big picture. This is what the Warriors have done in the past four years."

    In this game, James played 47 minutes, 13 of 28 shots, 33 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile-coins .
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    6/23/18 at 1:00 AM
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Warriors have demonstrated the strength of the championship team

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