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  • In the first half of the fifth game, the leading edge of the Rangers only retained an inter-office break. Walker first hit and hit the base and then Andujar hit the 14th second base of the season. No one was out of the third base. , Royman scored a home run to get Walker back to home run score, 5-5, the two sides returned to a draw. The ninth great Torres played. This week the incredible newcomer staged a "miraculous" again, blasting out the 8th homer this season. The three-pointer helped Yankee to lead again, 8-5. At this time, the Ranger's coach replaced the starter pitcher Feste, who had hit 11 hits in 4.1 innings, including three home runs, and lost 6 points. Relay pitcher Tony Barnett continued to pitch, but he did not make Yankee stop the offensive. He was first hit by Gardiner and then hit the 13th homer of the season. 10 -5 https://www.lolga.com/mlb-the-show-18-stubs .

    In the second half of the fifth inning, the Rangers were not willing to do the fight against the background of the war and launched a counterattack. Qiu Xin kept it on the base and then Kine Farefa scored a third base for the Rangers to score 10-6. Mazara lived up to his mission and made contributions in two consecutive games. A hit-and-shoot score was scored again, 10-7, and a big match was opened. Yankee coach also made substitutions adjustments, starting pitcher CC-Sabathiya to the end, also finished 4.1 games and hit 6 hitting 2 of them homer, lost 7 points of self-reported points. Repeater Jonathan Hoddle did not allow Yankee to continue to lose points. This ended.
  • 5/19/18 at 1:00 AM -
    5/31/18 at 1:00 AM
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A hit-and-shoot score was scored again

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