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  • Jammers are used in prisons
    The minister of defense and justice Botswana plans to buy cell phone jammer to find smuggled mobile phones in prison.


    A cellular jammer is used to prevent cell phones from receiving signals from the base station.

    Ramadeluka Seretse, the minister, said the devices would keep track of mobile phones smuggled into prisons, which are often used by prisoners for criminal activities and witness harassment outside the prison.

    Development, but against the position of the communications authority (BOCRA) Botswana in the use of telephone jammers.

    Seretse said: "when prisoners smuggle their phones into prison, we cannot sit idly by and we are told that the phone jammer is illegal."

    "This is not the first time a phone has been intercepted, but the law does not make it clear that the phone should not be intercepted," he added.

    Seretse proposes a P20 million budget for computerised prisons.

    Colonel Silas Setlalekgosi, the prison commissioner of Botswana, also defended the purchase of the jammer.

    True gadget trends, drones pose a problem for authorities around the world. These devices, which float above strategic locations or cities, have so far evolved unpunished. It is impossible to neutralise a pilotless aircraft in full flight, except for some brave men who have attacked it with fishing rods or tennis balls.

    Defense security for signal jammer


    The need for global positioning system surveillance and radio frequency interference sources is very high because of increasing conflicts and security threats around the world, national intelligence, security, police and military services. This is a demand, a small private British company.

    For more than 20 years, the enterprise control system co., LTD. (ECS) adopted a breakthrough in the field of monitoring and radio frequency interference technical expertise, to develop innovative solutions to deal with the latest security threats and increasing. . Tailored and turnkey applications have been developed for the needs of British forces, British police and professional security teams, including those used during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the end of 1990, ECS was the first to design the first digital wireless link from its headquarters in northamptonshire, UK.

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