How can I level up my gatherers and crafters fast in FFXIV?


    When the player reaches the 30th level in any production career, he can complete the following tasks and get the decomposition skills.

    After learning the decomposition skills, we can remove the equipment, props, and fish that are marked as decomposable according to the profession. The occupation required for decomposition is consistent with the repair and manufacturing profession.
    Right-click props decomposition, or use decomposition in common skills, can enter the decomposition interface.
    Decomposition is likely to appear corresponding semi-finished materials, there may be special props, most of the decomposition players are for special props.

    When we learn to break down, we can see a small strip under the skill level of the character information.  If you don't know where to buy the cheapest FFXIV Gil, welcome to the MMOAH website. Clicking on it will pop up the specific value of the decomposition skill.

    Decomposition skills are promoted by decomposing items that are similar to their own level. If the level is too large, the skill value cannot be obtained/cannot be decomposed.
    In the current version (4.1), the upper limit for a single skill value is 320, and the total upper limit is 980. Therefore, in the process of decomposition, the decomposition skill value is likely to decline (up to only the decomposition of 3 occupations).

    For most equipment, the equipment is equal to the decomposition skill, and the equipment from 50 to 51 spans from 50 to 115, so it is a huge threshold for many disassembled players (usually using 50-level one-star formula or other Way transition).

    In addition, the decomposition success rate is combined with the number of magic spar inlays, and the decomposition accuracy increased by the cooking/medicine to calculate the final success rate.

    Other common target materials include Barbarian Materials, Yarrago Fibers, Yarragouz Blocks, Yarago Tanning, Optical Flow Fibers, Semi-Crystals, and more.
    The decomposition of the cook is special... the cook decomposition is tied to the fishing... Most of the cook is not broken down for the sake of training... but for the fish pack (hhh)
    Fish can not get any of the things in the above table, but can get some pets, magic spar, fashion, etc.

    The NQ effect of the same name and the same name of the bacon and precision medicines that improve the decomposition accuracy will cover the HQ effect. My friend and I bought FF14 Gil from the MMOAH website, which gave me a lot of help. Please pay attention when using it.

    In addition, in the mission of Guwu+5, it is necessary to use the material obtained by the full occupational decomposition. These decomposable props are purchased at the silver market, and are regarded as props of 85 packs (decomposition skills are at 55, the decomposition success rate) 50%).

    Since there is no new output in the decomposition system... In fact, the highest number of "economic products" can be obtained at the time of all the professional decomposition skills of 100, and now the total upper limit of 980 can fully meet the needs of all occupations.

    In addition, different equipment also has skill bonus, white is x 1.00, powder x 1.25, green x 1.50, blue x 1.75
    Tanning, tailoring, casting, and gold are suitable for decomposing copy equipment
    Wrought iron, carpentry, alchemy are suitable for the demolition of the gods and weapons to obtain the semi-magic spar and craft god
    Tanning is suitable for getting ingenuity 3
    Casting a suit for PVP diehard players

    Cooking can't get any semi-magic spar, only swimwear and pets.