Now, for Elder Scrolls Online, cross-game support is not a "ro


    Elder Scrolls Online is one of several largest and quite a few successful MMOs on the planet. With 13.5 million players, it possesses a great thriving, active community full of helpful and dedicated players. But in spite of this, the city is still governed by Great differences in design.

    You see, even though a large part on the gaming companies is moving to a more open multiplayer gaming infrastructure through cross-game and Elder Scrolls Online Gold cross-platform progress, Elder Scrolls Online will not. In an E3 2019 interview in Los Angeles the other day, Rich Lambert, creative director of Elder Scrolls Online at Zenimax Online Studios, explained which the company's position will not seem to change quickly.

    "We don't possess these things things while traveling map at the moment," Lambert said. "But we've definitely heard about what the participants wants, there are a lot of announcements about these functions, even at E3. We know it, But it really hasn't been updated yet."

    Since Elder Scrolls Online is on PC / Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, it effectively creates three completely independent communities. After the One Tamriel update, Zenimax merged various servers per platform but nonetheless separated them. Merging the gamer base would have been a great next Thing.

    After that topic, the conversation taken on other platforms, especially Google's upcoming Stadia streaming service, by which Buy ESO Gold was confirmed to file for the game. specific, I want to determine the Stadia version is technically present on the very same PC/Mac Server, or whether or not it will produce a new fourth game platform.