Albion Online - Where to look for cotton, simple fabrics, line


    This series is an element of the Albion Silver economy. Weapons, armor and building materials contain wood, stone, leather, and ore, so the prerequisite for success is to understand how to use these resources and how to position them.

    Here we will show you how to get the fiber and how to harvest them successfully.

    First, you need to understand how the tool works. What permissions does the tool grant you? Access the tiers they belong to and the permissions in the higher tiers. For example, T1 Sickle can harvest T1 and T2 fibers.

    You can use the tools on Toolmaker in most areas.

    When you have the right tools, you can jump to the map screen to get the material you want.

    Because of the large area of ?multi-tiered resources, you need to Cheap Albion Silver do some exploration to find out what you are searching for. Typically, each layer is separated from the map into most areas, so you can be surrounded by this resource as you wish.

    The fiber layer is as follows:

    Level 1: N / A.
    2nd layer: cotton - synthetic simple fabric
    Level 3: Linen - Synthetic and tidy cloth
    Layer 4: Cannabis - Synthetic fine cloth
    Level 5: Skyflower - Synthetic fabric
    Level 6: Redleaf Cotton - Synthetic luxury fabric
    Layer 7: Sunflax - Synthetic fabric
    Level 8: Ghost Hemp - Synthetic Baroque Cloth

    When you upgrade from one level to another, resources can view more dangerous areas, including yellow, red, and in some cases black areas, and you may be killed by other players.