Albion Online Joseph Update Launches Arena Mode, Haunted Treas


    Albion Online would be the first major post-release update, and Joseph updates introduce the arena mode, the haunted treasure site, the sixth-floor adventure and even more.

    The arena mode will discover players competing Albion Online Silver in categories of five. The winners of the battles will get Arena signage rewards, that is redeemed for rewards or traded along with other players.

    How does Albion Online Arena work?

    The Albion online arena mode will discover the team spawns in various camps after which be given the capability to capture scattered runestones and make them under their control until they can be destroyed. Since the other team has got the same goal, both teams must defeat it to find control of the runestones. The goal is usually to Albion Online Silver For Sale reduce the opponent's initial score by 150 points to 0, which may be achieved by capturing runestones and eliminating them. The first team to make this happen won the experience.

    Players can take part in the Arena using friends, guild members or randomly selected teams. The update will likely introduce Joan, the athletic master in each major city, and may escort players to your arena to allow them to fight.

    The rewards you may get from the arena are impressive, such as armored Sabertooth, armored horses and also the flag of Arena Veteran. See the full report on rewards below:

    Arena Veteran's Eyepatch
    Arena veterans' ring
    Arena veteran's cloak
    Arena veterans boots
    Arena veterans horn
    Modest arena show
    Big arena show
    Glorious arena show
    Arena veterans small banner
    Medium banner of arena veterans
    Arena veterans big banner
    Arena veterans armored horse
    Arena Veterans' Armored Sabertooth
    Skillful royal mark
    Expert's royal mark
    Master's royal mark