Albion Online launches an undead challenge to obtain new equi


    Throughout July, Albion Online players can get involved in the Undead Challenge, which may bring some really good rewards. Those who complete the Albion Online Silver task by playing the Open World event may take the Spectral Direboar to mount home. In addition, players may also get the undead to challenge the avatar boundaries and find seasonal specials for example Undead, Ribcage, Legs and Ragged Undead Cape, and Adventurers' Tomes, Silver and much more.

    By engaged in the open world, for instance killing monsters, fishing, farming, and gathering, players can earn points to Albion Online Silver For Sale acquire all of these rewards.

    In addition to the undead challenge, players may also have a giant frog within the new recommended season. Players can send long, recommended links thus to their friends. When they buy a minimum of 30 days of advanced gaming time, the rewards begin.