How Albion Online might make EVE's ruthless territory fight for


    After 5 years of development, Sandbox MMO Albion Online released the 1st players today. The focus is around the PvP battles with the guild along with the Albion Online Silver economy the place that the player operates - exactly like EVE Online, the principle influence from the game. , I interviewed Stefan Wieczorek, CEO of Sandbox Interactive, headquartered in Berlin, to master about most of Albion, the things they learn from EVE Online, and the things they are are differently.

    PC Gamer: I haven't played Albion yet - as it's close to release, I want to wait for that final server reset before I start.

    Stefan Wiezorek: No problem, anyway, that is a niche game. Most people do not like it.

    Do you think that this is true? Most people do not like it?

    I feel that most players worldwide Albion Online Silver For Sale are not our target group. We have mechanisms amongst players that are certainly not suitable for the mass market. Of course, essentially the most prominent would be the complete trophy system, which just isn't everywhere.