Albion online world is increasing in size, giving novices the c

  • The Albion Online team is celebrating a prosperous free game released Albion Online Silver earlier this year and has planned big events sooner. Outer domain expansion can provide an opportunity for all players, especially new players when GvG Season 6 happens to be positioned to produce some land noisily. May. The new areas are Siluria and West and East Glouvia. The land is going to be claimed inside two waves on the second invasion day from the second season.

    As lots of you know, we're currently planning for mmoah a large-scale rework in the foreign domain later this current year, which means increasing the size in the world. We feel that it's unfair achievable players to wait until we complete the rework to get their own Albion, so make your best effort we decided to file for a world expansion in accordance with the current map layout.