Albion Online: announced the Percival update, arriving in July


    Sandbox Interactive has announced the subsequent great free update for Albion Online, entitled Percival. It will be released on July 10th.

    Percival represents the seventh major update with the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG since last April and continues right onto your pathway started Albion Online Silver in March using the Update Oberon due to the addition of randomized dungeons alone, new customization options for your PCs and mounts, personal bank upgrades, new mobs, and skills plus more. In short, the update will provide much more diversity to Albion.

    Here are definitely the main extra features of Percival:

    Randomized dungeons alone: ‚Äč‚Äčthese new dungeons, balanced especially for solitaire players, is available via various portals scattered through the game world
    customization options: players can decide on dozens of hair types, beards, faces, and linens, changing their avatars without notice and as often times as they wish
    skins for mounts
    the personal bank might be upgraded and expanded
    new mobs, including Spectral Rat and Molten Demon
    new abilities and spells to work with during combat
    a new battle inside city 20v20
    crystal system in expanded GvG
    various improvements on the quality of life

    You can see all the details about Albion Online Silver For Sale the official website. If instead, you'd like to learn our verdict on Albion Online you can see the final review we published in 2018, while below you will notice the replica in our latest streaming.

    Finally, understand that Albion Online is now free-to-play: the customer for Windows, Mac, Linux or Android PC may be downloaded without cost from the official website or via Steam.