Percival updated to Albion Online and Solo Randomized Dungeons

  • When Percival landed on July 10, Albion Online will get another major update. It includes new content, including additional customization options, independent random dungeons, loaded skins, new monsters and several new features for player weapons.

    Solo Randomized Dungeons - These new dungeons for mmoah solo players will probably be created by using a random portal worldwide, offering various environments from all of the major animal factions.
    Mount Skins - This new system allows players to unlock permanent appearance change choices for a wide range of mounts, from horses and cattle to exotic and collectible mounts.
    Customization options - Players may now choose from many hairs, beard, face and underwear options, together with simplifying their personal banking with Albion Online Silver new tags and increased capacity.
    New Mobs - Percival brings a number of new creatures with unprecedented spells and talents, including new traps and nested enemies to fight the battlefield.
    New Ability for Player Weapons - New spells and talents have been combined with various weapons, adding options and depth to be able to combat builds.