Rocket League will get add four new music playlists

  • Similar specialised positions accept been created to Rocket League Keys plan on committed server achievement problems - such as in-game lag spikes-while matchmaking delays in ablaze of Rocket League's contempo Dropshot amend are accepting carefully examined."As this is a new problem,we are still investigating the basis cause," says Hagewood."We accept fabricated changes in the acting to abate the likelihood of it recurring,but added abundant improvements will be fabricated throughout 2017."

    Hagewood signs off by affirmation Psyonix will abide to plan through these "growing pains",and that an approaching hotfix should accouterment the a lot of acute issues.Rocket League will get add four new music playlists over the beforehand of this year,with the aboriginal rolling out with the game's Bounce Affection Update.

    The new music beforehand were produced by LOLGA EDM characterization Monstercat,who created Rocket League x Monstercat Vol.1 playlist that debuted endure year.The four EP-length playlists will alternating amid Monstercat's new "Instinct" and "Uncaged" styles,and will ceremony arise with Monstercat-themed in-game flags to add to your cars.