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Bye Bark Trainer Reviews

You should train your dog when he starts barking. If you do not
do it, you may find out that the dog will only bark during the worse times. For
example, if you are at work when your kids come home from school, or you just
return from a long trip, your dog will start barking. He will do it constantly
for the first few weeks and will be an excessive Barker in the long run.

You have to convince your dog that you want him to stop barking.
Yes, it is important that you become a leader over your dog so that he
understands your requirements. Otherwise, he will stop barking to please you
and will become a problem when he starts doing it for you. A dog trainer can
help you with that.

If you have no luck with a professional trainer, you can train
your dog yourself. All you need is to work out how long he should bark before
he will be okay. You should never let him bark too long. If he does, he will
get bored and unhappy.